Buja Gin Brewery 부자진 양조장

Buja Gin Brewery 부자진 양조장

Buja Gin Brewery (부자진) - The first premium craft gin in Korea made by a father and son 

(conversations with Cho,  Dong-il, CEO of Buja Gin, who produced premium craft gins for the first time in Korea below)


What ingredients are used in Korean-style gin and Buja gin? 

“In addition to juniper berries, an essential part of gin, 12 kinds of organic herbs, which my father grow in Yangpyeong in Kyounggi-Do (Province), chamomile, organic hallabong from Jeju Island and pine needles added to make the gin."

"Compared to London gin, which has a clear and overwhelming juniper berry flavor, the advantage of Buja gin is that it has a clean throat.”


Why did you decide to use the name of the drink 'Buja Gin'?

“Buja Gin is a liquor made with the herbs grown by my father and my distillation technique. (Buja means the father and the son; in Korean, “Bu” means the father and “Ja” means the son).  So, Buja Gin contains the meaning of the father and the son.  (Hence, it means the gin made by the father and the son.)"

"There are over 50 types of herbs grown on the farm. Thanks to my father, who is an unrivaled expert on herbs, I made the decision to brew the liquors with ease."

(As a side note, Buja gin series #0003, which was created recently, is a gin made mainly of 'Gaeddongssuk' (a type of Korean native herb), my father's favorite herb.”)


What are the future goals for the poor?

“My goal is to let 237 countries around the world know about Buja gins which are filled with flavour and smell of Korea. That's why the label and alcohol package have English descriptions.”


Key awards and history

2021 -

  • Buja Gin Batch #0005 Bartender Cut
  • Buja Gin Batch #0004 Oak Aged Gin
  • Release of Buja Gin Batch #0003 'Gaeddongssuk' Gin
  • San Francisco Liquor Fair SFWSC Bronze (Place #0001)

2020 –

  • Released Buja Gin Batch #0002 Omija Gin
  • Batch #0001 Signature Gin Released
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