Jipyeong Brewery 지평주조

Jipyeong Brewery 지평주조

100 Years. This is how long Jipyeong has brewed alcohol.

1925: Jipyeong Brewery was established in Gyeonggi-do province of Korea and marked the beginning of its 100-year history.

1950: During the Korean War, Jipyeong Brewery was used for the UN Command.

2014: and, was thus designated as Korea’s Registered Cultural Heritage No. 594 in recognition of its historical and architectural significance.

2015: Jipyeong Brewery renewed the product by lowering alcohol levels

2016: Jipyeong Brewery built Yang-pyeong Plant to produce consistent and stable quality products

2018: In order to meet customer needs, Jipyeong Brewery established a Production-Research Environment via the Chun-cheon Plant,

2019: launched Jipyeong 1925,

2020: And launched Jipyeong Yi-rang Yi-rang.

2023: Jipyeong Brewery will open ‘Chun-an Plant’ and start to make strides to become the first brand that comes to mind when you think of Korean liquor.


Jipyeong Makgeolli is about to make its mark on the world stage.
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