Baedoga Brewery 배혜정도가

Baedoga Brewery 배혜정도가

Baedoga Brewery - Inheritance of Korean rice wine making

Bae family reminds us of the inheritance law in Burgundy wine scene. Hyejeong Bae, the founder of 'Baedoga Brewery' is the daughter of Mr.Bae, the founder of 'Kooksoondang Brewery'; the globally-known largest rice wine producer, as well as the older sister of the founder of 'Baesangmyun Brewery'; one of the most well-known pioneers of traditional Korean rice wine producers in Korea.


Hyejeong Bae founded the brewery in 1998 following a lifetime decision based on a conversation with her farther to pursue the dream of producing a premium rice wine that was barely found in the market. Baedoga Brewery is arguably regarded as one of the first producers who launched premium Makgeolli in the market which is made from high quality Gyeonggi-do Rice.   


They say "The diversity of flavours and innovative approach can be our key philosophy and specialty while we follow the spirit of the traditional rice winemaking".

Baedoga Brewery

-Address: 835, Seobong-Ro, Jeongnam-Myoen, Hwaseong-Si, Gyeonggi-Do



-IG: baedoga_bg 
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