Chateau Nadri 샤또나드리

Chateau Nadri 샤또나드리

Chateau Nadri (샤또나드리) - From grapes to wine, enjoy the aesthetics of time

‘Nobenae“ is the pure Korean name of Hongcheon City, and it means a wide stream (or smaller river) [洪 (meaning “big” or “wide”), 川 (meaning “stream” or “river”). Nobenae Wine is made with grapes grown by hand in this Hongcheon City in Gangwon-do, Korea, which boasts a big area of green nature.

Nobenae Wine is a joint product of “soil” X “sunlight” X “human” X “time”.


"As there is a saying that crops grow by listening to the footsteps of farmers, Nobenae Wine CEO Mr. Gwang-soo Lim watches the time-flow of flowers blooming, grapes forming, and changing colors, often envisioning in his mind what kind of wine these will become. The process from growing small grapes to  pouring into wine glasses is full of fun and enjoyment"

- Winemaker Lim Gwang-soo -


Korean “First”! Sparkling wine, Nobenae made in the Prosecco method!

What is Prosecco Method? 

In this manufacturing method, the base wine that has undergone sufficient filtration is placed in a sealed pressure tank and re-fermented. The natural carbonic acid generated during this fermentation process is sufficiently spread in the wine so that you can feel the soft, rich carbonation acid and thick muscat aroma every time you drink it. 

Chateau Nadri visited the sparkling wine manufacturing plant in Italy to produce sparkling wine and learned much information and knowledge and made great efforts to make better quality wine.

Nobenae Sparkling White is Korea's first wine made by using the Prosecco method. The natural carbonic acid created during the fermentation process is dissolved in the wine.  You can see, on your own eyes, the bubbles constantly rising from the glass.


Sparkling wine made with ‘Cheonghyang’, a new type of green grapes created by Gangwon-do Agricultural Technology Center.

What kind of grape is Cheonghyang? 

Cheonghyang is a green grape with small grapes and thick skins. Even if you bite just one, the sweet and sour juice fills your mouth. The wine has a fresh fruity flavor and clean acidity and you can feel the characteristics of the raw materials.

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