Citrus Company 시트러스 양조장

Citrus Company 시트러스 양조장

Citrus Company (시트러스) - A miracle of Korean tangerine orchard in Jeju Island

Within Jeju Island, a Southern tip island of South Korea, Shinrye-Ri tangerines are famous for their excellent sweet taste and quality.  In Sinrye-Ri, a village where most of the residents grow tangerines, tangerines were always stocked up. This is because there was a lack of demand versus supply.

Due to this difficulty, village farmers have established a citrus brewery in a joint venture to increase the added value of tangerines. Here, Lee, Yong-ik, a brewing expert, joined as the factory manager and continues to launch high-quality new products. 

(conversations with Citrus CEO Kim, Gong-ryul and the plant manager Lee, Yong-ik below)


“We were confident in improving the quality of our drinks. I've been concentrating on this point."

"Gradually, word of mouth began to spread among the drinks lovers, and, crucially, it became known nationwide as it received favorable reviews from the famous CEO and Chef (in Korea) Baek Jong-won in Seoul Broadcasting Studio’s ‘Mat Name Square (Good Taste Square)’ in 2020.”


It's impressive that it's a brewery made by the villagers together!

“One of the citrus drinks is 'Hondiju'. It is a drink which has the meaning of 'together, together' in the Jeju dialect"

"Tangerines are sourced from 140 farms in Shinrye-Ri, peeled and juiced by hand, and then fermented.  I think the success of Citrus was also made possible thanks to the residents of Shinrye-Ri working all together.”


Key awards and history

2020 – “Unknown 25” released

2018 – Gui Gam (Model) and Mash Blanc released

2017 - Shinrye Myeongju Mild released

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