Gangsan Brewery 강산명주 양조장

Gangsan Brewery 강산명주 양조장

Gangsan Brewery (강산명주) - Ideal expression of Barley Soju

In Buan, Chollabuk-Do (Province), in the southwestern part of Korea, not only mulberry but also various crops such as rice on reclaimed lands, silkworm, potato, salt, and barley are growing. Because it is located in the Honam Plain area and the Byeonsan Peninsula, it is an area with abundant sunlight and sea breeze.

(conversations with CEOs of Gangsan Brewery, Oh, Nam-jin and Lee, Cheon-cheol, who run the brewery in the Buan region below)


What are the characteristics of 'Mori Soju”, a Soju made of barley?

“Mori Soju is a liquor that combines the savory taste of barley and the harmonious aroma of oak at the same time. You start out feeling with dry taste at first, but as it goes on, the vanilla flavor gets stronger."

"I think it's a distilled Soju that can be compared to Western whiskey. We are making various alcoholic beverages with ingredients from the Buan area."


All ingredients in Buan are produced from fertile land and natural sea breezes.

“How can we spread these precious ingredients to more people?” Gangsan Winery began out of this curiosity.


"In addition to Mori Soju, we are producing 'Gangsan Bbongju' made from mulberry and Graju, a distilled liquor made of aged 7 herbal medicines including rice on reclaimed lands and silkworm powder.”

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