Godori Winery 고도리 와이너리

Godori Winery 고도리 와이너리

Godori Winery (고도리 와이너리) - God’s drop created in Youngcheon

If you like wine made from various fruits as well as grapes, you want to pay attention to Godori Winery in Youngchun.

(conversations with Choi, Bong-Hak below, CEO of Godori Winery, who boasts diverse tastes with GAP*-certified fruits that he farmed himself)

* GAP – Good Agricultural Practices


What strengths or characteristics do your winery’s wines have? 

“All of the fruits I have grown have obtained GAP certification. By understanding the terroir of the Yeongcheon area, pesticides were used to a minimum.


"Not only peaches but also grapes (Cheongsu, Giant Grapes, Campbell, MBA) are cultivated, and the field area alone is about 13,000 each. All these fruits are used to make wine. We hope you enjoy it with confidence.”


Key awards and history

2019 –

  • KOREA SOMMELER WINE AWARDS Bronze (Godori Rose Wine)
  • KOREA SOMMELER WINE AWARDS Bronze (Godori Cheongsu White Wine)

2018 –

  • Selected as a visiting brewery by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs
  • Korea Wine Grand Prize Gold Award (Godori White Wine)
  • Gwangmyeong Cave Korea Wine Festival Maru Award (Grand Prize) (Godori Peach Wine)
  • Asia Wine Trophy Gold Award (Godori Cheongsu White Wine)

2017 –

  • Excellence Award in the Fruit Wine category of Korea Liquors Competition (Godori White Wine)
  • Asia Wine Trophy Silver Award (Godori White Wine)
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