IN-SAN Farm 인산농장 양조장

IN-SAN Farm 인산농장 양조장

IN-SAN Farm (인산농장) - Healthy liquor created by salt merchant!

Would you believe it if I told you that the salt merchant brews alcoholic drinks?  In Insan-ga in Hamyang, Gyeongnam Do (Province), a company specializing in bamboo salt production, they brew liquor with the dream of making a alcoholic drink which can be medicine’. 

(conversations with Kim, Yun-se, CEO of Insan-ga below, who is working hard on the production of alcoholic drinks with the spirit of artisan to make alcohol beneficial to health)


“A lot of alcoholic beverage contains a lot of chemical additives, so it was very disappointing for me, who is a regular drinker who enjoys alcoholic drinks"

"I decided to make my own drinks using good ingredients and spending enough time in the hope that alcohol that is not good for the body can be reduced even a little. It took me 2 years and 6 months to put my ideas into reality and to make good drinks. I just hope that people who like the drinks can enjoy warm happiness without being hurt by the alcohol.”


Please tell us about the strengths of IN-SAN Farm’s drinks. 

“First of all, our brewery is located in a mountain 500m above the sea level in Hamyang, Gyeongnam Do (Province), [which is located far south in the countryside of South Korea] surrounded by a clean natural environment.  Under the environments of the fresh green nature, high-quality glutinous rice and mineral water gushing up 200m underground can make alcoholic drinks taste excellent."  

"In addition, it is not an exaggeration to say that “the age creates good alcohol drinks” as fermented drinks need to be fermented and aged for more than 130 days. 

The soft taste of our distilled spirits is also the creation of “two years of ageing.”


Key awards and history

2017 – Obtained an alcohol drink production license

2015 – Establishment of the brewery

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