Jangsoo Makgeolli Brewery 서울장수막걸리

Jangsoo Makgeolli Brewery 서울장수막걸리

Jangsoo Makgeolli Brewery (서울장수막걸리) - One of the oldest and largest rice wine producers in Korea

The Seoul Takju Manufacturers Association’s history goes back more than half a century.  It was established on February 1, 1962, and is the largest and oldest Takju manufacturing association in the Korean domestic Takju industry. This organization cooperates to preserve alcoholic liquor tax and has taken the leads in establishing the orderly distribution systems of Takju and eradicating illegal liquors.

In addition, the association runs a research and development center run by excellent researchers who majored in F&B engineerings (microbiology, fermentation engineering, brewing science, etc.) to improve the quality of “Makgeolli” (another more-colloquial word for Takju).  Continuous researches and efforts are being made to improve product quality, develop new products, and modernize Makgeolli manufacturing facilities.


By encouraging bold investments by its member companies, it was able to break away from the unsanitary distribution structure of the past large barrel containers and tank lorries, and through research and development efforts, it created “PET bottled Makgeolli” which has become the main trend of today's Makgeolli distribution. Furthermore, it has introduced Makgeolli cans which make long-term storage and export of Makgeolli much easier. 

In the production of Makgeolli, it introduced an automatic production systems using the latest computer control system and using white rices only as the main ingredient.  It has made possible to provide high-quality Makgeolli that does not change throughout the seasons. This series of efforts by Seoul Takju Manufacturers Association paid off well to make “Seoul Long-live Raw Makgeolli” recognized as a premier alcohol drink.


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