Koyberpunk Wines 코이버펑크 와인

Koyberpunk Wines 코이버펑크 와인

Koyberpunk Wines (코이버펑크) - First ever exported Korean wine

Koyberpunk is a newly emerging Korean wine producer whose name is a combined word of “Korean” and “Cyberpunk” in English words.  The name has derived from the word, “Cyberpunk”, which is commonly used by people around the world when they think of the characteristics of Korea.

It describes the company’s philosophy based on eco-friendly, high-quality wine of naturalism in order to attach to the land of Korea and its food and dining culture, which has been lasting for over 5,000 years, the technical excellence shining in a modern competitive environment and hard working attitudes as well as the unique sensibility of Koreans who tend to like alcoholic drinks.


Mr Sung-chan Ted Ko, who lives in Hong Kong and has worked in various fields of wine reporting, sommelier, and wine brokerage, founded the brand, and [makes] wine with Ms. Geum-ja Lee, who is known as the first female winemaker in Korea, sharing the same philosophy.  Ms. Geum-ja Lee herself brews the wine from fermentation to bottling.  

The wine is made of grapes which are grown in the 1.5 acre vineyard managed in eco-friendly farming methods and hand-harvested by a grape-tree and vine management expert, Mr Jaehak Jeong. Although there may be smaller productions of grapes depending on the vintage, they don’t purchase grapes from other vineyards.


The production site is located in Yeongcheon-City, Gyeongsangbuk-Do, in South Korea, which is famous for grapes grown in soils where there are a large daily temperature difference and excellent water drainage environments.  Our vineyard is located in Bonggye-Ri within that region, whose place has very ideal vineyard conditions. It is a 1.5-acre vineyard that has been strictly managed with eco-friendly farming methods.


Key histories

*First-ever exported Korean wine
*First-ever Cabernet produced in Korea
*Made by the first female winemaker in Korea
*Organic & low-intervention production ever since

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