KS Ginseng Winery 금산인삼주 양조장

KS Ginseng Winery 금산인삼주 양조장

KS Ginseng Winery (금산인삼주) - 16th generation revived the family's ginseng wine

Master Kim, Chang-soo, who brews Ginseng liquors for the 16 generations, made fermented alcohol by grinding Ginseng in rice and yeast. 

(Below is a conversation with Kim Chang-su, a master of Geumsan Ginseng drinks, who grinded whole Ginseng to make a medicinal liquor)


I heard that Ginseng drinks, which had been passed down from generation to generation, had been resurrected by you, the Master.

“Yes, that's right. It is said that Ginseng liquor has been manufactured since the Baekje era (the ancient Korean dynasty) but records say that it was handed down from generation to generation in our ancestor (Late Kim Moon-gi), who served as high ranking officers, Doseungji and Leejopanseo in 1399 during the Chosun dynasty.”


How is Geumsan Ginseng Drink made?

“First of all, it takes about 100 days to make it. It takes 10 days to manufacture the base liquor, 60 days for main and post-fermentation after soaking the malt, and 30 days for fermenting after brewing"

"I built a pesticide-free Ginseng field. We only collect Ginseng that is more than 5 years old and brew it into alcohol before the roots dry out. This is because Ginseng rooted for more than 5 years has the best medicinal effect, and the taste and aroma are strong when added before the root dries. “


Key awards

2020 -

  • Grand Prize in Korea's prestigious traditional liquor category for 6 consecutive years (2015-2020)
  • Certified as a rural convergence industry operator (6th industry) hosted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs

2015 -

  • Selected for DMZ train for KORAIL Pyeonghwa Train
  • San Francisco Liquor Fair SWSC/SIWC Silver Award (Susam Danbon 720)
  • Belgian Liquor Fair Monde Selection Gold Award (Susam Danbon 720)

2014 - Grand Prize in the general distilled liquor category of Korea Liquors Competition (Susam Danbon 720) 

2010 -

  • Exported to the United States (Geumsan Ginseng Liquor)
  • Excellence Award in Yakcheongju (Geumsan Ginseng Liquor) at Korea Liquors Competition

2009 - Bronze in the distilled spirits category at Korea Liquors Competition (Ginseng Distilled Spirit)

2008 – The Blue House (The Korean Presidential Office) President's New Year's Day gift selection

2007 -

  • Selected as a VIP mid-autumn festival gift from the President of the Blue House (the Korean Presidential Office)
  • Gold Prize in the medicinal cheongju section of the Korean Liquors Competition (Master Red Ginseng Liquor)

2000 - Designated as an official toasting drink at the Asia-Europe Summit (ASEM) (Geumsan Ginseng Liquor)

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