YC Good Farmer 예천 착한농부

YC Good Farmer 예천 착한농부

YC Good Farmer (예천 착한농부) - Quality products come from a good farmer's crop

The Good Farmer was recognized for its high quality and marketability early through its award histories at the 2017-19 Korea Liquors Awards.

Agricultural products from the Yecheon region are used to make various processed products, including drinks. From 2021, it is said that it will conduct joint research with the Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology to improve the value of native harvested sweet sugar cane.

(Conversations with CEO Kim Sang-sun)


What is the sweet sugar cane?

“It's easy to think of it as sugar cane. It is used as the main ingredient for rum in Central and South America, but it is not used as an ingredient for alcoholic drinks in Korea"


"Mildam is an alcoholic beverage distilled by fermenting the remaining molasses after extracting the sorghum juice"

"Mildam is a sort of Korean domestic rum made with local sweet sugar cane, carefully cultivated by domestic farmers, rather than imported sugar cane"


"In addition to Mildam, we are making cereals and brown sugar syrups to increase the utilization of sweet sugar cane"


Key awards

2017 - Excellence Award (Maximo) in the distilled spirits category of Korea Liquors Competition

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