Sejong Ricewine 조은술 세종 양조장

Sejong Ricewine 조은술 세종 양조장

Sejong Ricewine (조은술 세종) - The only organic-certified brewery in Korea 

Joeunsul Sejong in Cheongju-City, Chungcheongbuk-Do (Province) is a brewery that started as a traditional liquor distributor in 1997. It is one of the largest breweries in Korea.

All ingredients used to make drinks are certified organic ingredients.  Aged and old pots made by artisans in the 1930s are also used to improve the quality of drinks.

(Conversations with Gyeong, Giho, CEO)


I heard that the entire brewery is certified organic. Is there any special reason? 

“I thought about making a different kind of alcoholic drinks by differentiating the raw materials. The day before the production of the drinks, we milled the rice in our own mill, and we made the drinks from that rice. Rice oil floats on the surface of the drink when made with the fresh rice.

Needless to say, the taste of the drink brewed with this rice is excellent.”


Why didn’t you give it up despite the complicated process?

“It is because drinking organic alcohol is helping organic farmers. I also think organic is the best way to restore the damaged nature. Those who drink organic Ido Soju are indirectly supporting the organic farming.

Even if you drink a glass of alcohol, I hope you will enjoy it with the pride that you are contributing to the environment.”

Key awards

2020 - 

  • Selected as military duty-free alcoholic beverages (Ido 32)
  • Top prize in the distilled spirits category at the Korean Liquors Competition (Organic Level 32)
  • Alcohol quality certification hosted by Korea Food Research Institute - Na Hyung (Udo Peanut Traditional Wine)


- Grand Prize in the Yakcheongju section of the Korean Liquors Competition (Organic Degree 14)


- Grand Prize in Distilled Soju category at Korea Liquors Competition (Ido)

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