Sooldamhwa 술담화

Sooldamhwa 술담화

Sooldamhwa (술담화) - For Lifetime K-Drinks

Suldamhwa started a subscription service for traditional Korean alcoholic beverages for the first time in Korea in January 2019.

“A Damhaw box in which you receive drinks and a curation card together (so that you need not choose traditional drinks for yourself) can be a good opportunity to get into Korean traditional drinks,” said Lee Jae-wook, CEO of Suldamhwa, who looked very confident"


“Our purpose of doing this Korean traditional drinks’ subscription business is to select drinks that can become someone's life drinks and introduce them to our consumers”, Mr Lee said.


What is your future vision for alcohol discourse?

“We have a vision to make the world's drinking gatherings colorful. All the elements that make up the drinking gatherings will be covered in Suldamhwa’s stories”, described Mr. Lee.


Key histories

2021 – The rice wine “Did you turn on the boiler?” launched.

2020 – Damhwa Takju v1 launched

2019 – Korean traditional drinks’ subscription business started

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