Sulseam 술샘

Sulseam 술샘

Sulseam (술샘) - Where drinks flow like a spring!

There is a liquor brewery that aims to launch one or two new products every year. As the name of the brewery suggests, it is a 'Liquor Fountain', where alcohol drinks continue to flow like a spring.

It grows every year as new products are launched every year. 


(Below is some conversation with CEO of the company, In-gun Shin)


CEO Shin, In-gun

Distinctive features of Sulsaem drinks. 

“Restoring and developing recipes in old literature of Korean alcohol drinks are the basics, and we are constantly thinking about how we can differentiate from other companies and trying to launch new products"


"In the case of 'Drunken Monkeys' and 'Red Monkeys', the reddish red rice is brewed to give it a dark red natural color. Thanks to its attractive color, it is the 'hottest' drink in our products line these days.

In the case of 'Yiwhaju', which is known to have been drunk since the Goryeo Dynasty in Korea, the company was the first to commercially launch the drink"


"Liquor Sam will not only restore Korean drinks that have almost disappeared after being trapped in the confines of tradition, but we will also add modern sensibility to them to launch alcoholic beverages that consumers want.”


Key awards

2018 - Received the Korean President's Award at the Korean Liquors Competition (Mir 40)

2017 –

  • Selected as “a brewery to visit” by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs of Korea
  • Excellence Award (Appreciation) in the Yakcheongju section of the Korean Liquors Competition

2015 - Encouragement Prize (the 3rd ranking prize) in the Raw Makgeolli Division of Korea Liquors Competition

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